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0404 222 118 Sydney Photography and Videography Email: kurt@kurtgeorgephotography.com.au

I specialise in architecture and interiors photography working closely with builders, developers, project managers and interior designers. I’m Sydney based and my passion for photography has taken me around the globe.

 Photography has allowed me to interact with and capture the work of many local businesses. The pride they have in their work makes it all the more rewarding to help showcase their efforts and build their portfolios.  My aerial photography also gives my clients a new angle that isn’t possible from the ground.

 No two projects are the same, so please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.


Kurt George Tsagaris  Photographer

About Me

I've always been drawn to my creative side and in high school I took to photography. Learning on an old black and white SLR and in a darkroom processing photos and developing film. I didn't like school too much but I loved photography, and that stuck with me. After years of looking for the right job I came back to what I know and love and for 7 years now I've been a full time photographer.

I specialise in interior and exterior architecture photography and also enjoy doing portraiture and commercial photography. I understand photography from the basics in my high school days and more recently from my design studies at Billy Blue/Think education. Learning about design has given me a new appreciation for photography and a keener eye for details and design elements. I love travel and enjoy taking photos all over the world. I have a loyal customer base and I look forward to a bright future. 

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